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A BRIGHTER LENS is a podcast, hosted by Jennifer Zahlit and Larkin Bell, that aims to spotlight women, trans, and non-binary folx in film at different stages in their careers through thoughtful discussion. By holding a space for underrepresented creators to share their knowledge, experience, and creative inspiration, we hope to make the process of filmmaking more accessible and cultivate a community dedicated to collaboration and support in the film industry.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Women's Weekend Film Challenge

    This week we’re talking about Emma Thompson’s letter regarding her decision to depart Skydance’s animated film, Luck. Then, we interview the team behind the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge. Stay tuned! ...


  2. ALICIA MALONE, Film Reporter

    This week, we’re talking about Brie Larson’s inclusive press tour for Captain Marvel. Then, we interview film reporter, film critic, and author, Alicia Malone, about her work and her new book The Female Gaze. ...



    This week, we’re celebrating the women nominated for Academy Awards this year. Then, we interview actress Britt Rentschler about her recent film, Instant Family which just wrapped up a theatrical release and is available to watch on Amazon Prime tomorrow, February 19. ...


  4. Women of Virtual Reality at Sundance

    While we were at the Sundance Film Festival, we had the opportunity to talk with two virtual reality artists and one team about their virtual reality projects premiering in the New Frontier program at the festival. First, we interview Melissa Painter about her project, Embody. Then, we talk with the ...


  5. EMMA FORREST, Writer/Director

    This week, we’re discussing an essay by Emily Best, the founder of Seed & Spark, a crowdfunding site for films. Then, we interview writer/director Emma Forrest about her new film, Untogether which was released in select theaters on February 8th. ...